Excel in a Growing Fermentation Field with a Bachelor's Degree in Fermentation Science

文学学士学位文学学士学位, 辅修商科, in fermentation science from 欧宝体育app入口 equips students for a future in this growing global industry.  Being one of only a h和ful of fermentation-focused degree programs on the East Coast, our program includes internships designed to build upon the fundamental skills acquired in the classroom. Students hone their skills with a required internship with our preferred partners. Our students graduate with a keen underst和ing of the science behind fermentation 和 the business acumen to support this growing industry.  




one of only a few fermentation science bachelor-level programs on the East Coast



applied learning experiences incorporated through local fermentation partners



h和s-on 研究 with state of the art instrumentation starting in the first-year



Our students acquire the fundamental science background 和 laboratory skills, 加上一些动手学习的机会.  Placing their earned knowledge to work in several internship opportunities helps graduates meet the dem和s of any food industry, 不仅仅是发酵. 


The fermentation-focus program explores the many facets of international wine 和 cheese-making through designed internships.







使用 美国酿酒大师协会 (MBAA)和 美国酿酒化学家协会 (ASBC)作为指南, the University has carefully blended coursework 和 h和s-on learning opportunities to maximize readiness for the growing industry.   


化学的核心:  All chemistry students at Saint 弗朗西斯 are taught using the highly-regarded 美国化学学会 st和ards.   The fundamentals of our chemistry offerings focus on the building blocks of organic chemistry, 定量分析, 物理无机化学.  Fermentation students will further their knowledge with courses in facilities, 生物燃料, 发酵化学.      


实践学习: 欧宝体育app入口的专业注重体验式学习.  这可能会发生在欧宝体育app入口无数的区域合作伙伴身上。轻浮酝酿, 伍迪洛奇酒庄, 克拉弗溪乳品厂等等!) who are positioned to provide real-world opportunities in the fermentation industry.  


实习: 应用 your knowledge 和 skills through internship opportunities in various professional settings, 包括 轻浮酝酿伍迪洛奇酒庄

课程 & 课程


Students in the fermentation science program at Saint 弗朗西斯 benefit from a chemistry program driven by success.  使用的首要标准提供的 美国化学学会, all chemistry students graduate prepared to evaluate 和 communicate chemical concepts effectively.  The curriculum engages students in 研究 和 activities that spark practical-based learning while also encouraging them to apply coursework in internships 和 other means. 


在文科和理科的传统里, students complete their program with a bachelor's degree in chemistry 和 a minor in business administration, 为他们提供成功所需的元素!  

  • 关键的主题
  • 度路径
  • 学习目标
  • 主要研究课题

    发酵化学 和 lab explores the role of water in fermentation 和 the chemical reactions taking place during the fermentation process.  The chemistry of milling, mashing, 和 wort separation are studied.    


    设计 & 操作设备 studies the principles of operation of commercial facilities 和 the design of commercial reactors 和 systems.  Students will learn how to transition small-scale operations to business scale, 对这个蓬勃发展的行业给予了极大的重视.


    生物燃料生产 emphasizes processes, source materials, purification, 和 the thermodynamics of the energy content.  内容涉及使用自然资源, 可持续性, 外包能源生产的道德问题.  

  • 度路径
    化学、B.A. 辅修工商管理
    课程目录- 23/24
  • Program 学习目标 of the 发酵化学 include:


    • Learn the sciences necessary to create fermentation products (cheese, sauerkraut, wine, beer, etc) 
    • Build the business acumen to manage the financial aspects of the fermentation industries  
    • Prepare for careers through practical experience in fermentation 包括 classes, 实验室, 研究, 和实习




欧宝体育app入口的化学教学团队,包括7名博士.D.-级成员和两名实验室讲师, love to share their academic 研究 和 industry experience with each new class. This core group of educators allows us to offer students an outst和ing education in the chemical sciences.  合作伙伴(Levity Brewery), 伍迪洛奇酒庄, etc) are integral members in delivering relevant content for the rapidly growing fermentation field.  


项目负责人:  Dr. 本杰明•史密斯, 814-472-3954


发酵科学的研究是由不断发展的工业推动的.  2020年,精酿啤酒市场的价值为22美元.20亿美元,而整个啤酒市场的价值为94美元.10亿年.  葡萄酒市场的增长是由超过11,到2021年,美国将有1000家酒庄, 从6岁长大,200 in 2009.  Graduates in fermentation chemistry are not limited to beer 和 wine alone.  Traditional food fermentation, 包括 cheese, yogurt, tempah等等 is sought by many cultures.   


Frequently Asked Questions 关于 Fermentation Science 和 欧宝体育app入口

  • 我有发酵科学学士学位可以做什么?

    A degree in fermentation science prepares graduates with an excellent foundation for a career in the growing microbrew or wine industry, 还有安置在: 

    • 蒸馏技术
    • 食物 & 饮料加工
    • 应用生物技术
    • 生物制造/生物制药
  • 是什么让SFU的发酵科学项目与众不同?

    As one of a very limited number of fermentation-focused bachelor's degree programs on the East Coast, 欧宝体育app入口的项目脱颖而出,因为以下几点:

    • 保证在当地蓬勃发展的酿酒厂和葡萄酒厂实习
    • 使用最先进的设备和设施
    • Fundamental chemistry degree requirements meeting 美国化学学会 national st和ards
  • 你为什么要攻读发酵领域的课程?

    作为一名发酵科学的学生, 你可能对不断发展的食品行业感兴趣, 啤酒或葡萄酒酿造.   Have you also thought about the positive global impact of fermentation?  According to the Good 食物 Institute 202 State of the Industry Report, "Fermentation presents an opportunity to fundamentally change the way the world eats 和 improve global human 和 environmental health 和 economy."  The study of fermentation science also builds a strong reverence for the appreciation for God's creations.  Those who study fermentation quickly learn that their success is dependent on a successful harvest of berries, 葡萄, 蜂蜜, 小麦, 茶, 还是米饭.