R.O.C.K. 是一个于1995年由. 爱德华·P. Zovinka, 洛雷托欧宝体育app入口化学教授, PA and the American Chemical Society-Student Affiliates (Chemistry Club). R.O.C.K. 现在由. 阿什利·史密斯-迪姆勒,化学助理教授.



R.O.C.K. program demonstrates to local K-12 schools and youth organizations that science (especially chemistry) is important in everyone's life and can be exciting and interesting. 通过R.O.C.K. 由欧宝体育app入口的学生领导的活动, kids can conduct experiments and try out equipment provided by the R.O.C.K. 程序,全部免费.

R.O.C.K. performs hands-on chemistry experiments and activities using mainly household products to show the importance of chemistry in day to day living. We focus on classroom visits (not stage presentations) in the 5 county area around SFU (Bedford, 布莱尔, 威尔士, 明显差异, 和萨默塞特). R.O.C.K. also looks at the role that chemistry will have in the future as well as how it will benefit our society.


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  • 欧不裂(K-2级)
    • Concept:  Properties of solids, 液体, and gases; states of matter
    • The students will learn the definition of matter and the characteristics of solids, 液体, and gases and make their own Oobleck using corn starch 和水.  **事件可能会很混乱**
    • 预计时间:40分钟
  • 保持清洁(K-3级)
    • 概念:洗手的重要性
    • The students will gain understanding of the importance of hand washing by "washing" their hands and removing germs through a simulation with a black light and special hand washing lotion.  The students will develop a technique for washing their hands properly and effectively. The students will be able to explain how soap works and why it is important to use soap when cleaning.
    • 大约时间:35分钟
  • 密度塔(K-5级)
    • 概念:密度
    • The students will learn about density of different 液体 and solids by building a density tower made of several 液体 and roping in solids such as beads, 豆子。, 和/或硬币.
    • 预计时间:40分钟
  • 黏液 & 聚合物(K-5级)
    • 概念:聚合物
    • The students will understand the concept of a polymer as it relates to the slime. The students will be able to describe the difference between a monomer and a dimer as well as the distance between molecules in a polymer by making their own slime.
    • 预计时间:40分钟
  • 静电(K-5级)
    • Concept:  Experiments using charges of atoms and static electricity
    • The students will learn about the charges of atoms and their forces.  The students will use various experiments to better understand how static electricity works.  The students will be made aware of examples witnessed in daily life.
    • 预计时间:40分钟
  • 含油海洋(等级K-6)
    • 概念:石油泄漏的原因和后果
    • The students will learn about the causes of oil spills and the difficult process of the oil spill clean-up by reading Prince William by Gloria and Ted Rand.  The students will also learn about density of oil in comparison to water by discussing what happens in mousse demonstration.  最后, the students will be asked to clean a feather from an oil spill to simulate helping animals after a spill and finding an efficient way to clean it.
    • 预计时间:40分钟
  • 色谱(2-6级)
    • Concept:  Mixture of chemicals can be separated based on their affinities for the chromatography paper and for the solvent.
    • The students will be able to understand the concept of chromatography by observing the separation of colors using chromatography paper, 标记, 和水.
    • 大约时间:45分钟
    • Optional:  The same experiment can also be done with ink and isopropyl alcohol (approximated time:  55 minutes)
  • 带污垢的清洁水(2-6级)
    • 概念:水和水处理的概念
    • The students will learn how water treatment systems work and see how water that we use gets cleaned.
    • 预计时间:40分钟
  • 温度对荧光棒的影响(2-6年级)
    • Concept:  The effect of temperature on the rate of a chemical reaction
    • The students will learn about the concept of a chemical reaction through observing what happens inside an activated light stick.  特别是, the students will gain understanding of how the particles in motion change their speed with varying temperatures by placing the light sticks in beakers filled with hot and cold water.
    • 预计时间:40分钟
  • 蛋壳地穴(3-6级)
    • 概念:岩石中晶洞的形成
    • The students will learn about the processes of crystallization and geode formation by growing their own alum crystals in eggshell halves.
    • 预计时间:40分钟
  • 简易机械(3-8年级)
    • 概念:简单机器的特性
    • The students will learn about different types of simple machines and everyday examples.  The students will expand their vocabulary as they use levers and pulleys.  The students will gain an understanding of why simple machines reduce the force necessary to do work.
    • 大约时间:45分钟
  • 酸碱(4-8级)
    • 概念:酸和碱的性质
    • 学生们将学习酸和碱的定义, 每种工具的常见示例, 它们之间发生的反应, 以及各自拥有的特征.
    • 预计时间:40分钟
  • 从玉米到塑料(6-8年级)
    • Concept:  Understanding the environmental reason for using corn as a source for the production of plastics.
    • The students will discuss the importance of developing and using alternate forms of materials other than depending on oil.  The students will also observe and record data from an experiment using cornstarch, 玉米油, 和水来制造自己的可生物降解的塑料样品.
    • 大约时间:45分钟
  • 食品化学(6-10年级)
    • 概念:利用普通食物进行化学实验
    • 学生们将检查糖果中使用的食用色素, 分析谷物中的营养元素, 从草莓中提取DNA.
    • 预计时间:40分钟
  • 法医学(9-12年级)
    • 概念:法医学
    • 学生们将调查一个模拟的犯罪现场. 他们将通过显微镜观察纤维来解决这个问题, 采集和分析指纹, 识别血型.
    • 大约时间:45分钟
  • 液氮(9-12年级)
    • 概念:查尔斯定律,物理vs. 化学变化,液氮的应用
    • 学生们将学习查尔斯定律, 物理变化和化学变化的区别, and the practical uses of liquid nitrogen through a number of liquid nitrogen demonstrations and hands-on experiments.  The students will also have an opportunity to make ice cream using liquid nitrogen.
    • 预计时间:40分钟
  • 超级浸泡者(9-12年级)
    • 概念:纸尿裤化学
    • The students will learn about osmosis and the unique properties of sodium polyacrylate and how it is used in disposable diapers in order to keep babies dry.  欧宝体育app入口.O.C.K. volunteers will cut the diapers open and remove sodium polyacrylate while your students will be given the opportunity to test it.
    • 大约时间:45分钟