Executive Doctorate Program: A Glimpse into the First Course

Dr. 帕特里克·E. 克劳福德| 2023年2月6日

Course Outline for DOL711 Introduction to Executive Leadership and Innovation
:论文之旅, 星期2:居住, 第三周: 你是谁,决定你如何领导 4周: 综合领导(领导力101); 第五周: 五个领域 & 《欧宝体育app入口》 第6周: 暂停,想 & 审查, 第七周: 创新,影响 & 的变化, 第八周: 学习与组织   

Sawubona! My name is 帕特·克劳福德, and I facilitate DOL711: Introduction to Executive Leadership and Innovation 课程.

祖鲁人传统的问候方式, Sawubona, is one I've chosen as a way to welcome students to the first 课程 and the doctoral 程序 at 欧宝体育app入口. This term carries a powerful message: I see you, you matter to me, and I value your presence. Sawubona emphasizes a central leadership principle: directing our consideration toward another person without prejudice. It invites us to think knowingly of others' needs and grant importance to individuals within a group. Sawubona guides the interactions between the 课程 facilitator and the students.  This guiding principle also encourages the development of long-term relationships between and among the cohort members.

It's my pleasure to welcome the candidates beginning their journey to pursue a Doctorate in Leadership and Innovation at 欧宝体育app入口. The 课程 covers many aspects of leadership from an interdisciplinary standpoint, which will be explored through the eight modules that have been apportioned for the eight weeks of the 课程.

Since learning is a social and personal process, 协作, 反射, and practice are learning strategies employed. The modules support cognitive, behavioral, and emotional learning. The doctoral students will gain new information and hone their skills while examining their beliefs and values.

The 课程 is divided into two parts. Firstly, it is a graduate-level introduction to leadership from an interdisciplinary perspective. Secondly, it provides an orientation to the 程序’s requirements for doctoral study.

The main focus of the 课程 is to achieve both explicit and implicit learning. Explicit learning involves understanding concepts consciously, while implicit learning occurs subconsciously. Through 反射 on their experiences, the students will recognize explicit and implicit learning opportunities.

The instructional techniques for this doctoral 程序 draw upon established adult learning principles (andragogy). The work and expectations for the students participating in the doctoral 程序 are challenging and demanding.  A fundamental purpose of this 程序 is to help each student to become a self-directed learner (heutagogy). Each person determines and manages their learning as they progress toward the dissertation.


On successful completion of this 课程, the students will be able to:

  • 通过仔细研究, 定义行政领导, 组织发展, 和创新 in their field of practice.
  • Understand the foundations of dissertation research - including literature review, 概念的发展, 研究问题.
  • Grasp the processes involved in forming a research topic, 构建概念框架, 产生研究思路, and formulating problem statements relevant to their field of practice.
  • Showcase academic writing proficiency by creating annotated bibliographies and forming research questions around executive leadership, 组织发展, 和创新.
  • Understand how personal values, beliefs, and character influences leadership.
  • Practically use the five domains of leadership and performance roles in their current leadership roles.
  • Outline the meaning of innovations and recognize the procedures tied to leading change.
  • Explain the relationship between leading and influencing.
  • Illustrate why the leader's prime ambition should be to generate a learning organization.
  • Demonstrate the capacity to think empirically like a scholar.

The journey to completing a dissertation is hard work that requires personal sacrifices, but the payoff is an incredibly transforming experience. When a doctoral student begins the dissertation journey, the initial 课程 experience can impact their success. If they complete the 课程 with a positive experience, they are more likely to have the confidence and determination to persevere and remain motivated to graduate. The first 课程 provides the roadmap and compass for the journey; it's up to each scholar to find his or her pathway to enjoy the journey and arrive at the desired destination.



Dr. 帕特·克劳福德 是SFU教育学院的教员.D. 程序. His career includes teacher, principal, and superintendent. He was the Pennsylvania Leadership Development Center Director and Director of Professional Development for the Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators. Currently, he develops and facilitates leadership 课程s and is an executive leadership coach.

Dr. 克劳福德是EDD住院医师